Vicodin 10 350

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My friend has some vicodin she wants to get rid of. Hypotheticly speaking, if she were to sell it on the street, how much would she get for it?
Accurate, FDA approved Vicodin information for healthcare professionals and patients - brought to you by
Hydrocodone Questions including "Can Vicodin 10 350 you take Vicodin for neck and back pain" and "Is hydrocodone an opiate"
Main Category: Biology Vicodin 10 350 / Biochemistry Also Included In: Pharma Industry / Biotech Industry; Cancer / Oncology Article Date: 21 Dec 2011
WebMD provides images of Vicodin Oral to help you identify your medication.
Hydrocodone or dihydrocodeinone is a synthetic opioid derived from either of two naturally occurring opiates: codeine and thebaine. It is an orally active narcotic .
I just noticed that I am taking hydrocodone and not vicodin. Are they the same thing? What are the differences between vicodin and hydrocodone? Is one more powerful .
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Vicodin 10 350

Do you think there is a difference between these medications? What is the most effective in 10/325 dose? Watson vs. Kirby vs. M'ckrodt? Are generics really the same?
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Ok, my doctor put me on vicodin to pass a kidney stone, it took almost TWO WEEKS, I tried to only take it when I really needed it but I am sooo worried. All my .
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